Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Spirit

Our Christmas tree is up!!!

The last two weeks have been crazy... I haven't got time to write or cook... there were days when I barely found time to shower, ops! That's too much information..

Shannon and her reflux are slowly improving, but the poor little girl is still in pain after her feeds, and also started teething... Happy days. Sam, on the other hand, is such a happy, super active boy. He is always on the go... so, when I'm not rocking, nursing and cleaning Shannon, I'm on the floor with Sam playing cars, trucks or airplanes.

My sister was teasing me the other day. She said that every time she reads my blog or sees one of my pictures, it's like looking at the little-happy family that you see in tv commercials... 
Ahhhh, truth is so far from it. Of course, we're having lots of fun, we all play together and we laugh, I might bake some cupcakes on the weekend, but... our house it's also full of screaming, crying and chaos. 

Yep, like every other house with children, our house is a complete mess!!! There are toys everywhere, clothes everywhere and boxes full of stuff (... that we should put in the attic at same stage, but are still sitting around the house)...

... And now, that the Christmas Spirit has knocked at our door, we have decided to put up our Christmas tree!

When you have kids, it's all about them, and making them happy! Seeing Sam all excited, and jumping and dancing around the room, showing Shannon the Christmas lights and decorations, made my heart burst with joy... and who cares if my sink is filled with dirty dishes... Christmas is almost here!

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