Friday, 6 February 2015

... and I'm back!

OMG, over 7 months since I wrote my last post!
Yep, we've been quite busy over here...

Let's start with some updates, then.

The BIG big news is that, we have a new little monkey in our zoo, baby Conor Sebastian has arrived... 3months ago!

Baby Conor was born on 21st October, the day after his big brother's birthday. We had a quite rough start, but we're getting better. He is such a handsome boy, with fair hair and the softest skin I've ever touched. He's a smiler, like his brother and sister. 

Our family feels now completed...

... The second big news is that I finally opened my little online Shop on Etsy. It's called Lavender And Chili, and it's full of colourful handmade treasures made by me.

... You should stop by sometimes...
If you are wondering, I don't know how do I find time for sewing and making "stuff"... I just do it. I find always a hour here and there...It's my therapy for stress relief, it's my way to keep myself sane, I guess.

Our life is beautifully frenetic, we are always'on the go' but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

We are very lucky to have each other and above all we are so lucky to have nonna Lucia to help us...

My mom spent over two months with us when baby Conor was born. We couldn't survive without her. I'm so thankful for what she's done for us, and for her devoted support. She is actually coming back in the next few weeks, and we CANNOT wait to see her. 
We love you nonna!

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