Saturday, 3 May 2014

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I've been looking for an easy project to share with you.

As usual, I don't have much time for any "intricate" craft project. My little man is still fighting chicken pox, so, at the moment we're having 'Sam and mamma messy crafts'...

I was thinking to do something quick and sweet... I thought, what about a pincushion! We always need a new pincushion, don't we? It is one of our essential tools, a crafter best friend... we all have one or more next to us while working on our projects... 

... this is my favourite, a classic, 'the tomato pincushion'!
I though I would go for something more "springly" and romantic, a daisy pincushion. 

This is what you need:

  • White and yellow felt
  • Threads and needles
  • Petals corolla and circle patterns. On my 'Project My Way' Page there is the one that I've made, but in the internet you might find better ones...
  • Scissors
  • Toy stuffing
  • Glue gun

So, after you cut your circle, hand-stitch around the edges...

Then, pull the tread and fill the little bump with toy stuffing before giving a few final stitches.

Using the glue gun, put a thin line of glue all around the stitches, then place the little bump in the centre of the corolla and press a bit. Of course, you can hand-stich the bump to the corolla.

 Ta daaa!!!

At this point your daisy pincushion is done, easy, isn't it?
If you want your daisy pincushion to be a wrist pincushion, this is what you can do...

Make a small little circle using some green felt and then make two small cuts in the middle...

Cut a piece of elastic tape the same length of your wrist. Put the elastic tape through the two cuts, then glue the circle to the flower with the glue gun. Hand-stitch the elastic tape and your job is done!

Hope you like it!

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