Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lately... Summer is in the air

Keeping up with the my Blog has been a big challenge.

I have to confess, looking after my 3 little monkeys and working on Sweet Lavender And Chili Flakes barely leaves me time for showers and toilette breaks...

Yesterday, though, I was lucky enough to go the hairdresser, for the first time in a year!!!

To be honest, our day didn't start off very well. Baby Conor is badly teething, and he was nursing all night long. At 5 o'clock I had enough... I brought him downstairs and our day had begun...

So, I spent a few hours at the hairdresser. I mean, my hair was really in a very bad condition. Even the lady who looked after me felt sorry for how bad it looked... 

We had a long nice chat while she was working on me. 
I told her all about the kids and my busy days. When I was leaving she said: "Treat yourself to a night out, luv, you look beautiful!"

Well, I didn't go out last night, but once the kids were in bed after they had their bath and story, big Conor and I had a lovely dinner with our au pair, Sofia.
Friendship in the making...
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