Monday, 28 April 2014

... a new bump in our life...

Sam is at home with Shannon and me this week... he has chicken pox...

Well, we thought that both Sam and Shannon got the pox, but actually after a good examination, we realised that Shannon is still quite ok...

It really breaks my heart to see my babies sick. Sam has been very irritable and he is looking for mummy's attention all the time. I'm trying my very best entertaining the two of them. I know that Sam will get better soon, but dealing with children when they are sick it's not an easy job...

... above all when you're not in your best... shape...?

Nope, I didn't have a heavy lunch, this is a proper baby-bump... I'm very happy to announce that we are expecting our baby #3!!!


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  1. Congratulations darling!! How wonderful x

    1. Thank you sweetie!!! So exciting! xxx