Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rainbow, Rainbow...

Having a baby is the most amazing experience that a woman can have...
Sam on the left - Shannon on the right

The joy of giving birth to a cute, little human being is incredible... you are going to forget the "pain", the swollen feet/hands and the itchy skin the second you hold your little one...

... Sam 20.10.2010

... Shannon 07.08.2013

... the only thing that stays with you after labour is... your baby weight! I know, the media bombards us with fantastic pictures of new-mums with amazing bodies a few days after giving birth... not fair, not true...

Getting your body back after having a baby is hard work, for common people... my little Shannon is 6 months already, and my body is so far from what it used to be before my two children were born! Even though I have lost most of my baby weight and I started wearing my pre pregnancy clothes straight after my girl was born, Gosh, my body is not the same.

Since the beginning of January I've started working on my figure. I decided that I want my body back! Once a week, I'm attending "mum and baby" pilates class at the Elbowroom, I'm also doing a DVD workout from Tracy Anderson (hard work girls!), but most important, I'm trying to eat healthier.

I came across a few detoxing plans since I started changing my routine. Food plays such an important role in our life, and indulging in junk food is so comforting, I know, but is definitely NOT the best choice if you want to loose a little bit of weight and tone up your body.
Juice/juicing (fruits and vegetables juices) seems to be a very popular and effective method of cleaning up your body from  toxins and waste. So, I made up my own "One week 'Rainbow Juice' detox challenge".

Every morning, for seven days, you drink a juice for your breakfast...


ORANGE: orange juice, pink grapefruit, Royal Gala apple, mini carrots and milled linseed
GREEN: pineapple juice, Golden Delicious apple, crunchy kale, green mango, citrusy lime, sweet cucumber
YELLOW: orange juice, pineapple juice, citrusy lemon, crunchy mango, sweet banana, honey melon and milled linseed
RED: pineapple juice, orange juice, Royal Gala apple, juicy strawberries, delicate raspberries, cooked beetroot, crunchy pomegranate and milled linseed
INDIGO: orange juice, pineapple juice, Royal Gala apple, honey melon, pink grapefruit, juice strawberries, pulpy blackberries, delicious blueberries, cooked beetroot and milled linseed
VIOLET: pineapple juice, coconut water, conference pear, sweet banana, citrusy lemon, juicy strawberries, delicate raspberries, delicious blueberries, cooked beetroot and milled linseed
WHITE: pineapple juice, coconut water, honey melon, sweet banana, conference pear, citrusy lemon and milled linseed

I got great results from my "One week 'Rainbow Juice' detox challenge". I only lost a couple of lbs, but I felt so good afterwards. It helped with that uncomfortable bloating feeling, and the uncontrollable craving for fat or sugary food... and when you feel better, you are motivated to do better as well.

My sister and Gianfranco, her fiancé, are getting married in the Summer, and by then, I will definitely have my body back!... I hope... Wish me Luck!!!

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